Help Women Change Their Stories to #WhyILeft

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Walk a Mile in HER Shoes®, the Men’s March to END Violence against Women is an opportunity for men to take a stand to prevent woman abuse. Over the last number of years, this event has seen more men bringing their young sons with them to participate. Violence against women will not end until everyone becomes part of the solution. These children are learning early on that silence is affirming and though their voices are small, they play an important role in creating positive change and making our community a safer place for women and girls. It is critical to open up communication about domestic violence because when hidden away, it’s almost impossible to stop. Unfortunately, this is a topic of conversation most people avoid, but Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® provides several opportunities to get people talking and keep the conversation going throughout the year. It helps men to better understand and appreciate women’s experiences, helping to improve relationships and decreasing the potential for violence; it informs the community that services are available for support in ending woman abuse; and it demonstrates that men are willing and able to be courageous partners with women in making the world a safer place. We know that not all men are violent. There are many men in our lives that we love and count on…they are our spouses, brothers, fathers, sons and friends. For all of the good men, in addition to walking on October 18th, there are many things you can do in your daily lives to help shift the conversation from #WhyIStayed to #WhyILeft.

Download: 10 things you can do to end violence against women


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