The Shelter

When women and their children come to Gillian’s Place, we are able to provide all families with their own bedroom. Personal items are given to women and children on arrival. Gillian’s Place is fully accessible, including an elevator and accessible washrooms.

On our main level, meals are prepared in the main kitchen and shared in the large dining room. Moms prepare breakfast, school lunches and lunch for their children. Dinner is prepared by our food service person during the week for the women and their children. The women have the opportunity to watch dinner preparation and find out about nutritional value and recipes. Gillian’s Place accommodates special dietary needs for our families.

There are many common rooms with space to enjoy privacy.

Living Room

Quiet Room

The lounge room is a space to share with family or a place for a mom to feed her baby during the night.

TV Room

Counsel Room
We have special rooms for private counselling and for women to review their options.

Teen Room

We are excited to have many places for children to play including the original gym and a large outdoor playground.



Secluded garden patio for the women

Women do not need to stay in the shelter to receive our services. It is not necessary to be living in shelter to receive the help offered at Gillian’s Place. Counselling and support is offered 24 hours a day by calling 905-684-8331. You can also get help regarding your legal rights, housing options, job retraining and educational options. All our services are free and confidential.


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