We are Here for You

24/7 Support Line 905-684-8331

  • Once you are ready to reach out for help, we are here for you.
  • We promise to listen to you, believe what you are saying and understand what you are going through.
  • We promise to help you identify your options.
  • We promise to help you reclaim your life.
  • Whether you need immediate help such as someone to talk to on our support line, emergency shelter or longer-term support in creating a new, abuse-free life, we are here for you every step of the way.
  • Here is something important for you to know: You don't need to stay at our shelter to access our services, all of which are confidential and free of charge. Simply call us at 905-684-8331 and we'll be glad to listen to you and connect you with the services you require.

How we can help

Here is a list of things we can provide to help you in your struggle to overcome abuse. All services are confidential and free of charge:

Emergency shelter
If you are in danger, our emergency shelter can be your safe place. In addition to food and lodging, we'll be glad to provide you and your children with a full range of services designed to help you recover from the trauma of abuse and rebuild your life. Need transportation, directions or help planning your safe escape? Call us any time at 905-684-8331.

In order to heal from the abuse, you need to process what has happened and find the strength to move on. We can provide you with group or individual counselling that will help you to take your power back, allowing you to make healthy choices and live your life with growing confidence and self-esteem.

Help with finding or training for a job
Breaking free from abuse may mean finding a job or training for a new career. We can refer you to employment agencies and education and training programs that will help you achieve your employment goals.

Help with applying for financial assistance
As part of your efforts to create financial stability, you may need income support. We can walk you through the process of applying for financial assistance, making it as easy for you as possible.

Help with finding a new place to live
You need safe, affordable housing but how to find it? We can help you fill out housing applications and provide you with landlord and tenant information. If you move away from Niagara, we can help you with that too.

Help with sorting out legal problems
We have a family law lawyer on staff who is here to help you in dealing with police, lawyers, Family Court and/or the criminal justice system. Know that we are here for you and want the best for you. From advising you on how to leave your partner safely, to helping you fill out and review legal documents including child interim custody and access, support and property. Our staff lawyer can help you deal with the legal problems you face and help you to know your rights.

Support for children and teens
If you have children in your household, they too are impacted by the abuse. We can provide supports such as recreational activities, family violence education and activities designed to help explore feelings and build self-esteem. We can also provide you with referrals to community agencies that specialize in various aspects of child and youth care.

Immigrant and refugee support
If you are new to Canada or Canada is not your first home, we are sensitive to the extra struggles you may face. In addition to all of our other services, we can provide you with referrals to community agencies that specialize in immigrant and refugee support, as well as translation services in any language.

Remember, you don't need to stay at our shelter to access any of our free, confidential services. Simply call us at 905-684-8331 to discuss the services you require.


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